A Cut In The Brain By Kate Orson

A Cut in the Brain 2

What do you know about the cervix? Maybe you have a vague idea that it’s involved in childbirth, and that it can become cancerous. Or perhaps you are already aware of its orgasmic nature.

Kate Orson learnt about the cervix the hard way, when a common medical procedure called LLETZ, which removes abnormal cells from the cervix, caused her to lose her sexual function.

Sex became painful. She lost her libido, and her ability to orgasm. She was too scared to go back to the doctor.

Twelve years later, still traumatised by what had happened, Kate found out that she was not alone. In an article, a woman named Asha wrote about experiencing the same problems, and also more intangible side effects to her creativity, her thinking, and her very perception of being a human being existing in a sensual world.

Kate and Asha, with the help of the American sexuality expert Dr. Irwin Goldstein, discovered that there are very few doctors who are aware of the up to date research about the cervix, and so they are cutting into a part of the body they do not understand. Could there be thousands more women, living in silence, and being told their symptoms are ‘all in your head’?

A Cut In The Brain is a memoir about discovering the truth about what lies behind gynaecology; that there has never been any full anatomy done of the female sexual organs, and every gynaecological procedure is a literal ‘stab in the dark’.

It’s about two women; one who runs from the medical system and tries to heal herself with alternative medicine, and another who stays to fight. It’s about the power of friendship to transcend the darkness of our sexist culture. It’s about the growing circle of women who are standing up to the harm caused by gynaecology.

This book is for anyone who has ever had a smear test, or who wants to support their partners and friends in a world where women’s health is still built upon an outdated patriarchal system. It’s also for those who’ve ever wondered if there’s something ‘more’ to sex.

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1 thought on “A Cut In The Brain By Kate Orson”

  1. Hello I am very surprised to hear such relatable information.. I have recently had my painful extreme PAINFUL leep procedure done 3 weeks ago. A few months back I also underwent the cone biopsy procedure which hurt EVEN worse. I have not been okay. I’ve felt crazy or being a hypochondriasis in a sense. Reading how often women get these. And also telling myself it’s for the greater good. It took me several months to come back to do the leep because the cone biopsy with a leep
    Procedure all in one I had done scarred me. Mentally, emotionally & physically. But I kept telling myself I have these babies that need me. It’s been weighing down on my mental now, however three weeks ago when I got my leep I had the worst pain in my life. I literally couldn’t move.. I couldn’t drive. I could barely urinate & I was crying in so much pain that I couldn’t necessarily describe. Lighting rods up my vaginal walls through my stomach the burning sensations and my entire bottom half just felt ripped out. I just recently had to call my doctor to get antibiotics because I noticed I was getting an infection, my stomach was becoming extremely swollen and my pelvic bone felt like I had ridden a horse for days with no saddle. It’s been so painful to sit and stand. Not to mention I have a physically disabled daughter I still had to tend to & transfer. Life has been so chaotic and disturbing. I’ve been upset & crying in pain & overwhelmed with the burden of feeling like I’m crazy or hallucinating of how disturbing this actually was. How my Dr kept saying I’m so sorry that was so bad for you & how you were in so much pain. I literally almost panicked & fainted in the doctors office I kept screaming I can’t do this please no more. He advised me this was what he had to do because of my severe abnormal cells. He had to be aggressive he said. Which comforted me a bit praying it is saving my life. But honestly I’ve been having complications with my cervix since I used the Mirena IUD. It was lodged into cervix at the age of 21 and I had the same doctor who did my leep because he’s been my gyno for over 15 years… anyway he removed the iud because I continued to complain about infections and pain. Of course I was told it can’t be possible pain.. I was described antibiotics for months, no sex because I was too embarrassed of the smell. I was so young and my ten year relationship ended because of this on going issue. He thought I was cheating and I thought he was giving me something. However come to find out I had a puncture site in my cervix and had cervical discharge not vaginal discharge hence why it could never clear up.. fast forward to now almost 11 years later I just had this cone biopsy 5 months ago and now my second Leep. It’s been such a rollercoaster ride since then I just now I can never do that again and as I’m typing this I’m laying on my back still in such pain. I attempted to have sex last night with my partner & it was awful. Felt like my insides had scabs or scars and it was just ripped off. I’m bleeding and my insides hurt again and I’m severely bloated hence why I started researching if I did something wrong..It makes me hate being a woman. The constant stress of birth control, Cervical cancer, removing my tubes or everything as my doctor recommends.. trying to be a single mom of two because their dad passed away… we literally go through way too much. I told my doctor I had a sensitive Cervix I’ve been having pain there while having sex for years.. feeling contracting sensations or cramping.. of course I was told the cervix has no feeling. BS!! It hurts me so bad. But today I’ve cried all morning because I just didn’t understand why me. Why. I’ve been so depressed lately not even understanding why honestly just thought I was scared of dying from cancer & my children & my body etc… I’m only 31. But reading this has given me some bit of comfort. Truly. Until I came across the website I thought I was truly alone & this was a nightmare only I will suffer from. Thank you so much for the information given. I appreciate you. Woman to woman. Thank you.


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