It’s Not Just The LEEP/LLETZ


Following the publication of this article in Cosmopolitan I have been contact by women who have sexual side effects not just from the LEEP procedure but from other gynaecological procedures.

To date women have reported issues after

  • caesarean
  • abortion (D&C)
  • induction (with a balloon catheter)
  • endometrial ablation
  • insertion of IUD
  • hysterectomy

The scale of this issue is much wider than I thought. But really, it’s not surprising. Gynaecologists do not study pelvic neurology as part of the curriculum. That means that all gynaecological procedures are introduced without any understanding of how they will effect pelvic nerves, and sexual function.

All of these procedures have a risk of damaging cervical and uterine nerves. There is no informed consent. Generations of us have been harmed, and continue to be harmed on a daily basis.

We need to have these conversations with our friends, and share what we know. They may be suffering in silence too.

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