This is what happens when you mention Cervical Neurology on Twitter

file (2).png

I happened to mention cervical neurology on Twitter today, and got accused of ‘joking’ by a Colposcopist and cancer surgeon. When I questioned what he meant he deleted his tweet and then promptly blocked me.

These are the kind of doctors that women are trusting with their cervixes, and it’s depressing and horrifying.

There are still many doctors out there who think the cervix has no nerves, and it’s important to note that this is an assumption, it’s not based on any good medical research.

The top doctors know that the cervix has nerves. When I questioned Dr. David Goldmeier, a top London sexual medicine about why doctors don’t understand the cervix has nerves he told me ”I think I was taught at medical school (1966-1971!!) that there the cervix is not innervated. So the answer to your question is “ignorance” and not looking at latest literature.”

So if you’re a doctor out there on Twitter thinking that you can ridicule lay people, you might want to check you’re up to date on the latest literature first.


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