While women suffer, men get state of the art surgery to save their sex lives


“There is a strong rationale to do  everything we can to spare the nerves when safe to do so, particularly where patients are so young and have got a lot to lose.

“We know that nerve-sparing works. The more nerve tissue is left behind, the greater a man’s chances of being potent after surgery. If we can’t leave the nerves at all, they’re extremely unlikely to be potent, even with Viagra.”

New Prostrate Cancer Operation Can Help To Save Men’s Sex Lives 

Contrast this with the state of women’s health where our nerves haven’t even been properly studied or acknowledged.

Men are actually refusing surgery when they have cancer because they are worried about how treatment will impact their sex lives. Perhaps this gives an indication of how vital, and central our sexuality is to our being.

This refusal is resulting in changes in medical treatment to meet the demand for safer procedures that preserve sexual function.

Perhaps women too, would refuse treatment at much higher rates if they understood the role the cervix played in sexual function. Despite society’s conditioning to the contrary we are just as sexual as men, and our sexuality is just as vital and important.


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