Healing Cervical Dysplasia Naturally


12 years ago when I was diagnosed with abnormal cells and told I would need the LEEP procedure there was a little voice my head that thought, what if this treatment isn’t safe?This little voice also asked, what if there’s another way? I ignored that voice, I was too afraid, and too lost and confused by what had happened.

I did know, at the age of 25 that the mainstream medical system didn’t have all the answers. When I was 21 I’d had chronic fatigue syndrome, and when medicine couldn’t offer me any kind of solution, I ended up recovering through practising yoga. This experienced had left me feeling empowered to know that I could take control of my health, and help myself when the ‘system’ couldn’t, but faced with the big ‘C’ word, it felt safer not to think, not to google, and just put my faith in my doctor’s decision.

A few weeks ago, I chatted with Claire Forrester about her experience of curing herself naturally of cervical dysplasia. She was diagnosed with CIN 3 and immediately started to transform her health (continue reading for her protocol). Three months later she returned to her doctor and her cells had returned to normal. Her doctor was amazed, and told Claire that this needed to be researched.

But here’s the problem, such natural lifestyle cures don’t get researched. There is no money to be made by the pharmaceutical industry by sharing information about how organic food, and other lifestyle changes can transform our health. This is the bottom line about our healthcare system. Profits come first, often before health.

You may have noticed that these days there are more articles and information about recovering naturally from cancer and other diseases. Often people who take this route are ridiculed, and dismissed as quacks.

The fact is, we don’t have any research about whether cervical dysplasia can be cured naturally. That means there’s no proof, but there’s also no disproof. In the absence of research. I always look to stories. I don’t dismiss something as being impossible because it hasn’t been proved, because there is a huge agenda about what gets proven and what doesn’t.

Having gone through the devastating side effects of LEEP I know I’d always be open to alternatives, even if they hadn’t been researched. I want the best possible care for my body, and if my health were in danger, I wouldn’t wait around for years to see if someone eventually researches it. I’d ask around, use a bit of common sense and intuition, and look at the scientific research before making a decision.

And the other point is that the conventional treatment for abnormal cells LEEP hasn’t actually been researched properly either! When the procedure was introduced no anatomy of the cervix had been done. Doctors were cutting into the cervix long before they understand it had nerve endings that are vitally important to the wellbeing of the body.

Just because something is a conventional medical procedure doesn’t mean there is adequate research to prove it is the best thing for our body.

Common sense tells me that my cervix was a lot healthier 12 years ago, even with those symptomless abnormal cells. If I’d have the choice to turn back the clock and try to cure myself from cervical dysplasia naturally I would have done it. 3 months of healthy lifestyle choices, is no effort at all, compared to 12 years living with pain and sexual trauma.

Here are Claire’s top tips for getting healthy and curing yourself of cervical dysplasia.

1) firstly, don’t panic…it takes time for your body to reach this state and it will take time to cure yourself, nothing medically needs to be done urgently

2) cut sugar out of your diet, it’s toxic and is the biggest feeder of cancer (this includes alcohol, sweets, cakes, all processed food)

3) buy yourself a blender/juicer such as a nutri bullet and juice daily (90% organic veg and 10% fruit)

4) take good quality supplements for cervical dysplasia such as on Dr Marilyn Glenvilles protocol

5) have a hot lemon drink every morning first thing, squeeze half a lemon in a pint of hot water. It helps to reduce acidity in the body and alkaline the body.

6) find a herbalist who can make you vaginal pessaries

7) I did a juice fast week at a retreat in Glastonbury, although it wasn’t cheap it is a great way to kick start your body and mind towards good health

8) Work on old or unaddressed emotional issues, see a therapist of your choice who can help you with this. I chose a therapist who does “journey work”. Our bodies store unresolved emotions in the body and the cervix is often to do with a loss of some kind

9) oil pull with coconut oil every day to pull toxins from the body, a tea spoon of oil in your mouth and swish it around your mouth for up to 20 mins like you would mouthwash then spit this out

10) I had a dodgy root filled tooth removed, they are well documented to be linked with cancer and many neurological conditions

11) I had some osteopathy from someone specialising in women’s health to improve the blood flow and drainage of the pelvis. Blood brings the healing properties to tissues

There are also many options such as intravenous vitamin c, cannabis oil, mistletoe therapy if you can afford this. I was booked in to have vitamin c therapy and before this happened I was given the all clear so never needed it.

These are the main things I did, I treated it like cancer and massively changed my diet and lifestyle, did more yoga and meditation. Some of these you can start doing straight away and others take.

If I can help in anyway, please just let me know as I am very passionate about this.

Lots of love

You can connect with Claire via her facebook group Curing Cervical Dysplasia Naturally 


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