Intact Cervix

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The cervix is a beautiful, and important part of our bodies. As well as playing an essential role in childbirth, it is also a sexual, orgasmic, organ. When we have deep, ‘internal’ orgasms, we may feel them in our cervix, or pleasure in the cervix blends with the g-spot, and clitoris to allow us to experience profound ecstatic pleasure.
There are paired nerves run through the cervix, that link to the hypergastric, pelvic, and vagus nerve. The vagus nerve has been found to play a role in stress and emotional regulation, which suggests that the cervix has an important role to play in our emotional wellbeing.

The cervix is the target of a screening programme for cancer prevention. This involves smear tests to check for abnormal cells on the cervix, which can in a minority of cases develop into cancer. There are procedures for removing these abnormal cells, including, LEEP/LLETZ and Cone Biopsy.

Women are experiencing devastating side effects from these procedures. Many report, losing complete orgasmic function, in their cervix, g-spot and clitoris. They lose their desire for sex, and it becomes painful. Depression is an additional side effect to this profound loss. Other women are reporting chronic pain, and even premature menopause. Often their symptoms are being dismissed by doctors as being unrelated to the procedures.

LLETZ and Cone Biopsy were introduced before any anatomy on the cervix was done. This means that doctors have been cutting into a part of the body, that they don’t understand. Even today, the majority of doctors haven’t kept up to date with the latest research of the nerves in the cervix. They are still telling women that the cervix has no nerve endings!

Intact Cervix is a campaign started by two women who experienced devastating sexual trauma from the LLETZ procedure. We want to campaign to ensure women understand the true nature of the cervix, and are given full informed consent about the side effects that these treatments entail.

We were told that LLETZ involved removing ‘just a few cells’ from our cervixes. Instead up to 2 cm of the cervix is removed and the nerves involved with orgasm function are damaged. Because the cervix is a sexual organ this is really the equivalent of removing 2cm of a man’s penis.

The cervical screening programme does save a small amount of lives, but abnormal cells are not cancer, and LLETZ and Cone Biopsy are forms of female genital mutilation. This leads to all kinds of health issues that the medical community are ignoring. There has been no research to prove that the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks of intervention.

LLETZ side effects have been featured in New Scientist, Vice, Daily Mail and Healthline. We have a Facebook support group for women effected – Healing From LEEP/LLETZ. Feel free to join if you are dealing with issues after biopsies, or the LLETZ/LEEP/LOOP procedure.

You can read more about our stories here, The Unspoken Dangers of LEEP, and Cervical Screening And Informed Choice.

Women have the right to an Intact Cervix.